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Eighth Annual Denver Catfish Festival DATE CHANGE

17 May

We've sent Festival Representatives to media outlets all over the country to inform Catfish Enthusiasts of the date change.

Greetings, Fellow Catfish Enthusiasts,

Like oil over propane, the planning stages of the Eighth Annual Denver Catfish Festival planning are heating up!

After consulting with The Denver Catfish Festival Chief Astrologer, we’ve come to the conclusion that August 7th, 2010 will be the most favorable date for the Eighth Annual Denver Catfish Festival. While July 24th originally looked like a good date, the stars have spoken otherwise.

Let’s examine the facts:

**The crossing of Jupiter and Uranus with Aries on this date, and the flow of energy from said union, lends itself to a more lively reaction of cornmeal and cooking oil. It’s also important on this date to stay away from stressful situations and judgemental people. Make this a “you” day. Treat yourself to a morning at the spa followed by fried catfish, hush puppies, cold beer, Haiku, yard games, and witty repartee at the Eighth Annual Denver Catfish Festival.

**This date is the eve of the Venus conjunction with Saturn. Any errands, duties, or responsibilities should be postponed for at least 24 hours before and after this event; the only action permissible, according to cosmic law, is consumption of catfish, beer, hushpuppies, beer, and catfish. And hushpuppies.

**Pisces will be in the Fourth Quadrant of the Southern Sphere on August 7th. Traces of the Cornmeal Nebula will be sprinkled throughout Pisces for the first full weekend of the month, creating excellent viewing opportunities during Catfish Festival After Dark.

The galaxy has spoken, and it speaks Catfish.

Like the tender flesh of the creature we honor, we’ve been a bit light and flakey (but not delicious) regarding the date of the Eighth Annual Denver Catfish Festival, and we are mildy apologetic.

Now that we’ve settled that issue, it’s time for you, Catfish Enthusiasts, to submit your logo ideas as well as your Catfish-inspired Haikus! Like the dogs of Pavlov, we drool uncontrollably in anticipation of your submissions.

Sincerely, Joe T.,


“Ask Me about The Eighth Annual Denver Catfish Festival”

The Eighth Annual Denver Catfish Festval Logo Contest!

5 May

Tired of the same old thing? Prove it!

Greetings, Fellow Catfish Enthusiasts,

We at the Denver Catfish Festival have listened to your tips, suggestions, pointers, and complaints.  We are proud to announce that your voices have been partially heard. 

While there will be no changes to the date of the Festival, the time of the Festival, the rules of the Festival Haiku contest, the allowable events for which you might be “pre” partying at the Festival,  or what you may do/not do at the Festival, we are not unwilling to compromise on one issue:

The Eighth Annual Denver Catfish Festival Logo. 

Today marks the beginning of The First Annual Denver Catfish Festival Logo contest.  If you believe that you can create a better design that the wonderful and varied logos of years’ past, here is your chance. 

A few rules:

  • Please submit logo ideas in .jpeg or similar formats to The Chairman via email.  
  • We are staying with the “Euro” oval design sticker, so whatever you come up with must fit within its bounds.
  • Your logo MUST Contain the following text: Denver, Catfish, Festival, and 2010.  It CAN contain whatever else you want to say (within the general bounds of decency, of course.)
  • The contest ends on June 15th, 2010.
  • If they all suck, then we’ll figure something else out. 
  • Non-winning entries will be printed on those little Tibetan prayer flags and shipped to Caddo Lake, where they will spiritually protect all of the catfishermen who brave Caddo’s black waters each day to provide us with our delicious, flaky, tender gifts.

The winning entry will be announced in the parking lot of Red Rocks at 5:18 PM on June 26th, 2010.  Following the announcement, a post-party will take place with Widespread Panic providing musical entertainment (assuming you have a ticket to the show.) 

This will give us time to create the decals, beer coozies, hats, t-shirts, thongs, messenger bags, decorative tiles, towel sets, oven mitts, parade vehicles, and various other dry goods upon which your winning logo shall be placed.    

Before you all is an opportunity to be remembered for all eternity as The Official Graphic Designer of the Eighth Annual Denver Catfish Festival.  Do not let it pass you by. 


Joe T., Chmn.

“Ask Me About the Eighth Annual Denver Catfish Festival Logo Contest”

PS: We are currently scouring our basement  the globe for fabulous prizes for this year’s Denver Catfish Festival Haiku Contest–Do not delay!  Send your submissions at once!

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