Greetings, Fellow Catfish Enthusiasts,

The Louisiana record books are filled with the proud stories of men and women pushed to their limits in pursuit of a prized catfish. These annals into the world of prize-fishing note nearly every necessary detail: the size of the fish, the type of rod and reel and bait used, the body of water, and whether or not the feisty catfish in question was caught from the shore or from watercraft.

With these records, we can enter the time and place; we can swim about in the mind of the angler. However, One piece of crucial information is never revealed with these records unless a photo is present. And in these photos, from the weathered, dog-eared and cracked pictures to the latest digital shots, you can see this most important factor:

What was the fisherman-in-question wearing at the time of the Big Catch?

When Harold and Mike Clubb wrestled a 30 lb. Channel Cat from Lake Theriot (south of Houma, LA) in 1977, the father and son duo sported matching safari-inspired, polyester, multi-pocketed olive shirts and slacks. Each wore identical Catfish-embossed, mesh-back baseball caps in the same olive green.

In 1997, when Joe Wiggins boated the 105 lb. Louisiana-record Blue Cat from the Mississippi River (on the LOUISIANA side), he fought the Big Cat while sporting lycra-sansibelt navy culottes with a peach flamenco button-down top and rose-banana javelina boots and matching mini cowboy hat.

On the might Red River south of Shreveport in 1998, Harley Rakes was simply dashing in faux fur-lined camouflage spandex coveralls, white shrimp boots, and a vintage LSU football helmet.

What does this have to do with anything, you ask?

These fishermen had panache. They knew what to wear for a big event.

You, on the other hand, can’t decide what to wear to The Denver Catfish Festival. But Fret Not, Gentle Festivalgoer, we at Festival Headquarters have provided your solution:

Denver Catfish Festivalwear for the Style-Conscious Gentleman, the Fashion-Savvy Lady of the House, and the Hippest Offspring in the neighborhood.

We’ve had several web shops over the years; scroll down for more info.  Shockingly, all of these links are still live.  So if you really want a DCF shirt from 2007, the miracle that is the internets makes that entirely possible.


Our current shop is open for business at:

We’re doing some logo work currently so we don’t have anything new, but it’s a’ comin in the next day or two.

2016-07-27 06_23_17-Order Summary _

DCF15 logo

It either came to us in a vivid dream, or after screwing around with PrintShop for a short time.

For the Tenth Annual Denver Catfish Festival, we’re going back to the basics; only coozies and bumper stickers will be available.  However, with enough backlash, we may be willing to set up a “clothing modification booth” at which you can make the shirt on your back a “Denver Catfish Festival” shirt on your back.  If you’re currently unable to contemporize, man, some of our older designs are still available at the links below  

Catfish: The Final Frontier.

The Denver Catfish Festival Boutique is open for business at: Go, you fabulous people, and purchase things.It’s good for you, it’s good for catfish, it’s good for America.The old Cafe Press stores below are still open (for those of you who find it hip to be retro.)

The Seventh Annual Denver Catfish Festival Logo.

The Seventh Annual Denver Catfish Festival Logo.

Greetings, Fellow Catfish Enthusiasts!

Have you always dreamed of dressing the part at the Denver Catfish Festival?

Do you and your loved ones sit ’round the hearth on cool evenings and chit-chat about how wonderful it would be to adorn yourselves in the latest Denver Catfish Festival fashions?

Is there a blank spot on a wall in your home that could only be gussied up with an official framed decorative tile from the Seventh Annual Denver Catfish Festival?

Realize your dreams of Catfish Couture at the Official Denver Catfish Festival Bazaar and Mercantile, located here:

And for the Vintage Catfish Festival look that says, “I was Catfish before Catfish was cool,” head to our Fifth Annual Denver Catfish Festival Shoppe, located here: Official Logo of the Fifth Annual Denver Catfish Festival.

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience, and can’t wait to see you at the Seventh Annual Denver Catfish Festival!


Joe T., Chmn.


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