The Denver Catfish Festival House of Goods is OPEN!

14 Jul

Say it once, say it loud. I wear Catfish Apparel, and I am Proud!

Greetings Again, Fellow Catfish Enthusiasts,
At one point in your lives, perhaps as a child or as recently as yesterday, you gazed lovingly upon adornments in a shop window, the coozie surrounding another’s cold beer, or the regalia upon a model in a magazine.  You saw a shirt, a hat, a coffee mug, a chopping block, a mousepad. 
You thought to yourself, “If I had that one piece, that one item, that one luxury…If I could decorate myself and/or my environment with such opulence, I would surely be a success at all endeavors I chose to pursue.”
If this singular event took place yesterday, you went back to your hovel, heated up last night’s leftover Ramen noodles, did a bit of Yoga to relax, popped a Leo Sayer cassette into the tape player,  and mellowed out with one half-can of your remaining Zima supply.  You thought about that eighteen dollars in your PayPal account.  You remembered that $7.20 check from your grandmother, buried for months under a stack of unpaid utility bills. You gazed about the room looking for slightly valuable items to pawn.  
Then, when you had streamlined your substantial finances into a Catfish Festival Nest Egg, you waited.  You harvested the remaining tobacco in the bottoms of cigarette butts into one final home-rolled smoke.  You lay awake; you tossed and turned in the hopes that tomorrow would be the day. 
And you were right.
Congratulations, Enthusiasts.  We at The Eighth Annual Denver Catfish Festival Fashion and Merchandizing Institute would like to welcome you into the stratospheric fold of the have’s and away from the torpid squalor of the have-nots. 
The Denver Catfish Festival House of Goods is officially open for business. 
Step in, gander about, buy some stuff.  There’s even a section with vintage retro Catfish Fest Gear for you older fools from various older schools.
As part of our Denver Catfish Festival Logo Contest, we’ve included not only the Official Denver Catfish Festival 2010 Logo design, but several other submissions as well.  Celebrate the diversity of our graphically-talented entrants by showing them some mercantile love! 
Winning designs were submitted by:
Jonathan D.
Jared D.
Billy V.
Congratulations, gentlemen! 
In closing, we’d like to thank Catfish Festival Marketing and Merchandizing Superintendent Vanessa for setting all of this up!!  Nice Work!!!!!!!!
Joe T., Chmn.
“Ask Me About The Denver Catfish Festival House of Goods”
PS: Old stuff is also still available at the Cafe Press stores.  We switched this year due to quality concerns; it was a tough decision due mainly because Cafe Press is the only online printing joint that does thongs.  Drag.  You can find links to the old stores on the “shirts-hats-gear” page linked above.

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