Yet Another Denver Catfish Festival Miracle

18 Jul

Greetings, Fellow Catfish Enthusiasts,

I was working with our Denver Catfish Festival Procurement Division this morning on brew selections for this year’s event, and happened upon the Argonaut Liquor Keg List.  While perusing their offerings, searching of course for the least expensive best possible selections on the list, I happened upon something unexpected:


I was taken aback; I had to catch my breath and re-read the selection:


There it was on my Denver Catfish Festival laptop, in glorious black and white pixels, for all to see.  I consumed the words as though I’d just taken my first cool, refreshing, delicious sip of Louisiana’s Finest Nectar. 

I sat back and considered that Saturday Red Rocks Widespread Panic show in 2010, back in my nefarious tobacco days, when I was out of cigarettes and happened to find an unmolested one on the ground at our tailgate.  As I picked up the little white treat, joy and elation infecting my soul, Festival Elder Jeff M. witnessed the score and proclaimed,

“The Universe Provides, Man.”

While this premium beer goes against our thrifty and economical nature, the birthday of one of our long time staff members happens to fall on this special weekend, so we’ve decided to find wiggle room in our sizeable but closely managed budget to offer this Manna from the Piney Wood Heavens of Abita Springs, Louisiana as a special gift to said staff member.

We at The Denver Catfish Festival owe the Universe, Argonaut Liquors, and The Abita Brewing Co. a debt of thanks (as well as a debt of cash.)  They have worked in concert to once again Provide, and we can happily announce that we will be proudly offering Abita Amber on tap at The Tenth Annual Denver Catfish Festival .

Other Notes:

–Out of minor respect and fairly genuine sympathy for our Ohio State and Oklahoma guests, we will not be running repeats of the 2003 and 2007 BCS Championships on-screen during this year’s festival.  We’ll instead have “Ole War Skule: The History of LSU Football” on a continuous loop throughout the day.  Consider this an excellent opportunity to be the envy of everyone you encounter at football gatherings throughout the fall by boning up on your LSU conversational skills before the season starts in 45 Days 11 hours 39 minutes and 15 seconds (and counting.)

–Due to Saturday’s weather forecast of a 96-degree blast furnace with zero humidity and no chance of precipitation ever, we will be bringing back the Official Denver Catfish Festival Kiddie Pools, so be prepared to stand awkwardly in calf-deep water with your fellow festivalgoers.

More to come!


Joe T., Chmn.

“Ask Me About How Louisiana Beer is Better than Your Local Beer At The Tenth Annual Denver Catfish Festival.”


2 Responses to “Yet Another Denver Catfish Festival Miracle”

  1. David L., DCF Pettifogger July 18, 2012 at 7:49 am #

    You are going to have Ohio State guests?

    • joetiger July 18, 2012 at 7:52 am #

      We’re working with a smaller security contingent this year, as most of our usual detail has been outsourced to the Olympics in London. So unfortunately it is possible that one or two might slip through.

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