1 Jul
The Seventh Annual Denver Catfish Festival Logo.

The Seventh Annual Denver Catfish Festival Logo.

Greetings, Fellow Catfish Enthusiasts,

The Late Summer Classic is a mere 30 Days away! Our tails wag furiously at the mere thought of sunshine, coldbeer, and catfish!

We’ve got a lot to update you on, so lets get right to it:

1. We at Festival Headquarters have heard the pleas from a vocal audience and hope that we’ve answered.  Over the past several months, I’ve listened attentively to the following comments time and time again:

“Dearest Chairman, I have nothing but respect for past Catfish Festival logos, but they just seem too bland for today’s fast-moving society.  I feel that there needs to be something flashier.”

We hope that we’ve answered the call with our new logo!  You want flashy, we’ve given you flashy.  Literally. 

And with our recent discovery that an electric catfish exists, what could be more appropriate?  We hope you enjoy the logo and as always, we welcome most of your comments. 

2. Based on the truly overwhelming response, the “Ask the Chairman” series is moving to its own page on the blog. While I understand that you’re frothing at your collective mouths for more updates, time is at a premium and I will address each and every concern expressed when I can, hopefully in the next couple of days.

3. Our first corporate sponsor is a company that John C. is with. I’ll not name the company at this time because I can’t remember what they’re called.  

 All I know is that John and his company are providing paper products for the festival! Thank you John!!! And remember folks, much like Wilco with those lame-ass Volkswagen commercials, we at The Denver Catfish Festival will sell out to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

4. Said Wallace Stevens, Official Deceased Poet of The Denver Catfish Festival,

“Style is not something applied. It is something that permeates. It is of the nature of that in which it is found, whether the poem, the manner of a god, the bearing of a man. It is not a dress.”

Had he attended a Denver Catfish Festival in physical form and not just in spirit, what he would have said was:

“Style is not something applied, unless purchased from The Denver Catfish Festival Bazaar.  It is something that permeates, like hot oil through cornmeal.

It is of the nature of that in which it is found, whether the catfish-inspired haiku, the manner of consuming catfish, the patient bearing of a man while he waits for the catfish to fry.

It is not a dress; however, it is T-shirts, intimate wear, and other kickass apparel.

Style is, I reiterate, The Seventh Annual Denver Catfish Festival Bazaar

The Denver Catfish Festival Bazaar has something for everyone.  Don’t risk showing up to the festival and facing jeers and derision from your fellow festivalgoers because you’re not dressed the part. 

More to come–And please work on those Catfish-inspired Haikus!  Our judges pavlovianly salivate in anticipation of your bottom-feeding a’capella opuses. 


Joe T., Chairman
“Ask Me About the Seventh Annual Denver Catfish Festival”


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