The Eighth Annual Denver Catfish Festival Wrap-Up

28 Jan

Catfish makes people happy. Beer, to a lesser extent, also makes people happy.


Editor’s Note:  I forgot to publish this in August.  It’s been a busy half-year.

Greetings, Fellow Catfish Enthusiasts,

The Eighth Annual Denver Catfish Festival is in the books, and once again, it was a complete success. 

I can’t overstate my thanks to Vanessa, Barbara, Lindsey, Megan, Cousins Jill and Alex, Festival Elder Chris, Neighbor Chris , Jared, Corporate Beer Sponsor Nate, and Neighbor Bob for all of their help on Saturday morning which insured that the first filet hit oil at exactly 1:12 PM.   It was looking iffy there for a few minutes, but everything came together and the Festival kicked off perfectly. 

We had a very eclectic crowd this year; lots of new faces got to see what this nutty Festival is all about.

A major THANK YOU goes out to the Oklahoma contingent.  Those people came to get down, and get down they did. 

Cleaning up the frying area was repulsive and disgusting, as usual.  Why did this thing have to be fried catfish?  There are grumblings within the organization to make a change next year to The Denver Hot Dog Festival or The Denver Ham Sandwich Festival.  Both are delicacies in their own right, and neither require frying.  Although a fried ham sandwich sounds really good.

The Haiku contest was hotly contested and came down to the wire this year, with Richard O’ coming in with the win.  This is the second win for the O’ family, with lovely wife Deanna bringing home the Grand Prize at DCF7.  Richard’s haiku was shocking and wildly inappropriate while simultaneously remaining witty and timely.  Due to the graphic depictions of his winning Haiku, we’ll not reprint.  Just know that it was quadruple-awesome.

Muchos, muchos, muchos, muchos gracias to everbody who attended this year; the Shreveporters, the Baton Rougeans, the New Orleanians, the Stapletonians, the Quebecois, the Denverites, the Oklahomans, the Texans, and yes, even our guests from Alabama, you made this the best Catfish Festival yet. 

Also, John from NCP, it would not be the Denver Catfish Festival without your fine paper- and paper-related products.  You make it easy for us to wipe our hands, faces, and asses (but not all at the same time.) 

Next year’s Denver Catfish Festival is set for July 23rd, 2011; first filet-hits-oil at 1:12 PM MDT. 

Be on the lookout for a major announcement regarding next year’s fest!


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